Masc Pride: Are you one of those hyper- masculine gays

Maybe I have a more interesting personality? And that's really all about body language and mannerisms rather than interests and hobbies. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies.

Soft, gentle, emotional. The same can be said for those who ride atop floats in gay parades, or Carnival celebrations. I'm incredibly boring. I know we do! I don't want to see them "tucked", in high heels, with lip injections, fake prosthetic tits, makeup, glue on eyelashes, and such. I just love how you gender homicidal tendencies.

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The recent surge in "gender expressionism" hasn't helped either, considering it relies on the same stereotypes that say if a man likes another man he must be a women trapped in a man's body. Maybe I have a more interesting personality?

TheBaconTaco25 Like seriously? That's why gay face is a thing and all of the other signs. Hmm

I'm not a frau but I will admit I'm a shut-in who doesn't go out much and don't have any friends. It's simply favoured by certain types to put other gay men down. This quiz was You need to make an important decision. The prolific poster in this thread is arguing against some bizarre and extreme caricature.

No, but I would come along and watch the burial.

Masc Pride: Are you one of those hyper- masculine gays

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  • “Gay men who endorse hyper-masculine norms might then experience identity incongruence when they are presented with general society’s norms that differ and contradict their own. 14/11/ · some 41% of those polled affirmed their anti-femme "masc-for-masc" nonsense in gay culture is, but not surprising. Masculine or feminine or neither, so long as you identify as a man Author: Brendan Haley.
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  • For example gay men, as portrayed in media are normally really feminine or super masculine. The hypermasculine gay man, provided a way for people to distance the gay male identity from femininity. When you’re a closeted gay boy, masculinity performance is one of the tools you use to survive. For those who are unwilling or unable to maintain a facade, straight boys seize upon your feminine.
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  • There’s no one way to be gay. Some turn on the camp, while others overcompensate with hyper-masculinity.” While Helligar has a point that many gay and bi men fall somewhere in the middle of stereotypically masculine and feminine behavior, he misses one very important point: We live in a sexist and patriarchal society that values men over women. Masc (men) A gay man who is perceived or perceives themselves to be “masculine”. Pride or Gay Pride An often pejorative slur for a gay man, especially one deemed to be feminine.
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